Checking In

Hello to anyone who might stumble upon this! I’m just doing a quick check-in because it has been a while. The past several weeks have been crazy. The semester started and I’m drowning in psychopharmacology at the moment, which makes me even more grateful that I’m currently sober. I can’t even imagine wrapping my head around the effects of psychotropic medication on polymorphic genes if I were even slightly impaired.

I’m so fucking tired, but good tired. Like I’m really working my ass off and good things are happening tired. I have a government audit to get through this week on a grant that if not renewed will cost half of my team their jobs. So, only mild pressure.

I’ve also had a potential career opportunity dangled in front of me that would result in a 40% pay increase just in time to help my daughter with college, but it would mean leaving a job I’m just starting to really settle in to and make my own. I also wouldn’t be the boss anymore, and I really love leading a team. But, as my son would say, “gotta get them phat stax.”

I’ve also received some private messages from people who have read my ramblings and I am so sorry to anyone I haven’t responded to yet. I love meeting new people on this journey and as soon as I get through midterms I will start responding. Also, if anyone has a particular social-worky topic they want me to cover I’d be more than happy to give it a go.

Until I have time and/or insomnia again – May you all experience life to the fullest and if something is keeping you from doing that, remember the first step of meaningful sobriety: Own Your Shit.

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